Friday, March 26, 2010

inevitable, really

I wanted to make something for my friend wendymoon, who is a tiny package of pure awesome. What better than two of my favorite characters from our shared fandoms, who happen to be deceptively tiny packages of pure awesome?

Bet you can't guess my current primary fandom from that picture, can you? Nope. Dead subtle, me.

Counted cross stitch bookmark, drafted the pattern myself and the fonts came from If I did it over I'd change the colors a wee bit- Yoda's skin should be a little lighter, and the two blues of the TARDIS looked like they contrasted a lot more in the store.

I most proud of the fact that for the first time in my history of cross-stitch, the back actually looks halfway decent instead of a mad tangle of wild threads, fighting to get free.

My Yoda pattern is available for free here, for all my fellow Star Wars geeks, in all its MSPaint glory. Will try to share the TARDIS pattern soon. Really wish I had Excel. Nevermind accounting, it makes patterns so nice and neat!


  1. I love love LOVE my bookmark. Such an awesome gift, custom created and beautifully stitched. (I was very impressed with the neatness of the back myself.)

    Can you use Open Office for patterns? It has Excel-like spreadsheets. Only it's free. :-)

  2. I'm so glad you like it!

    Open Office Spreadsheet is ok if I'm making plain black and white patterns, using symbols for each color and stitch change. It's not as friendly as Excel, but workable. But I really prefer to be able to have color shading while I'm designing, and for some reason as soon as I try to do that in OOS, it crashes. Every. Single. Time. Freeze and crash.
    Graph paper and colored pencils it is, then.