Friday, May 21, 2010

chocolate cherry bombs

Been drooling over pictures of cake truffles (or cake balls) for a while now, finally jumped in and tried my hand at making them. Mine aren't the prettiest around, but dear merciful heavens, they are delicious.

Here's how I made mine, which I'm calling Chocolate Cherry Bombs : For good basic directions for cake balls, pops, and bites check out the fabulous Bakerella.

Chocolate cake box mix, made to directions on box, cooled, and crumbled in food processor.

Cream cheese frosting -started with this recipe, but used less than half that much sugar so they wouldn't be sickly sweet.

Added about 1/2 cup amaretto liqueur to the cake & frosting mix

At the center of each ball, I put a brandied dried cherry. Just pour dried cherries in a mason jar, add some sugar, and cover with brandy. Also good with rum or amaretto. Screw the lid on and let it soak for a couple weeks.

Then dipped in chocolate candy melts.

They turned out a bit lumpy and wobbly, but honestly no one seems overly concerned about that.

cherry bombs

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  1. ooh your wibbly wobbly cakey wakey bits look delish! I'm not even a big cherries fan (surely the brandy makes them better) but I so want to eat these.