Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is not the greatest scarf in the world, this is just a tribute

Right about the time the real estate market crashed like a solid steel kite, I found myself working at a model home for the better part of a year. Day after day, all alone at a desk in a big empty house, in a neighborhood full of empty houses. Get there in the morning, unlock the doors and turn on the lights. Nine hours later, turn out the lights and lock the doors. There was some phone calling and marketing mail-outs in between, but not much.

Had an average of 3 customers a week. And this was a neighborhood doing better than most.

So, as any sane person who intended to stay that way would do, I taught myself to knit and made a 15 foot long scarf.

"Fifteen feet?!" I hear you exclaim, "What, you couldn't figure out how to bind off?"

Well, there was that too. But mostly, I wanted a Doctor Who scarf. Like the one Tom Baker wore. But not exactly like. Because, you see, I am constitutionally incapable of following someone else's pattern. Patterns are boring. (This is also why I'm a better cook than baker.)

So I made a tribute scarf. Not quite as long as the original, in warmer colors, and chenille rather than wool. Mmmmm, chenille. Oh, and worsted rather than sport weight. Plus I left off the fringe.

The definitive source for patterns for The Scarf in all its various iterations is
But since I was using worsted weight, I used this lovely pattern here at forapples. Because I was loom knitting (old school Who fans may understand why anything Who related should be made on looms. LOOOOOOMS.)
Chenille came from Beyond Pretty Yarn, who was lovely to work with and ever so helpful. These are my colors. Aren't they pretty?

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